From our school times to our professional lives at offices, we hardly forget to bring something packed in a nice container for our lunch. All efforts are converged to make our food fresh to enjoy at a place where we won’t have the same.

Similarly, when we’re out for either a picnic party, hiking, air travel, or a daily walk, especially with our dogs, we don’t forget to take his food. And for the same thing in our mind, we want our furry friend to enjoy each bite, which can only be possible with a good container.

You might have guessed it, but this is the topic we have chosen to explore today: the best dog food container for travel. So, let’s begin!

dog food container

Types of Travel Food Containers


Collapsible containers are always travelers’ first choice because of the less space they take, and they can fit anywhere in the luggage, whether you are traveling by air, camping, going for a picnic, or going for a walk. Another feature is being lightweight and easy to clean.

On the dark side of it, it’s less durable than most of the rigid containers. The ability to fold and unfold makes it lose its flexibility soon. Also, the price may go higher than the normal ones for being special and finding the container for your required size can be another challenge.


When it comes to keeping dog food fresh and preventing odors from spreading, airtight containers take the lead. Additionally, the prevention of accidental spills and protection from pests are other advantages.

On the contrary, the upfront cost can be higher, making it not the first choice for many users. Most airtight containers are also bulkier and not microwave-safe. And sometimes it makes it difficult to see which item is inside unless we open it. So, practically, where it has advantages, it also comes with some disadvantages.

Waterproof options

The first and most obvious reason is the fact that it doesn’t let any moisture enter the food, preventing it from any damage and hence increasing its shelf life. Also, it prevents the odor from spreading.

On the dark side, such containers can trap moisture, especially if the weather is humid outside, which can spoil the food much earlier. Since there is no air passing, food’s specific odor will be compressed, which, when opened, will spread a strong, pungent smell. And, of course, if the material they are made of is BPA, which most waterproof containers are, it affects the dog’s health.

dog food container storage
dog food container storage

Capacity and Size Consideration

This is the simplest choice of all. If your dog is big, you need a bigger container, and vice versa. But the same would change for the smaller ones, even if you plan to go for an extended period.

Make sure always that the material it’s been made of is BPA-free. An even better thing is if it’s eco-friendly. This means less than 50% of the usual carbon has been emitted to manufacture this container and is 100% recyclable.

Before even making a choice, consider your dog’s size and the number of days you have to travel and stay and see if you need additional features like bowls, too.

1. 2-in-1 Portable travel Pet Food Container

This is the most convenient food container that has the dual functionality. You can keep the food in one of its chambers and water in the adjacent one. Moreover, when a bowl is, the food chamber can be removed to make it a bowl-cum-dispenser.

2. Collapsible Sealed Dog Food Container

It’s the best choice when you have limited space inside your bag. Even when your space isn’t the issue, it’s a preferred choice because of being sealed from all sides and keeping the food fresh.

3. Multi-purpose collapsible Pet Food Container

It comes with a deep lid that serves as a water bowl, too. So your furry friend can eat and drink at the same time.

4. Simple Plastic AirTIght Transparent COntainer

This is perhaps the cheapest option of all if you’re short on budget. It’s a transparent, bottle-like shape that’s easy to carry and comes with a collapsible bowl to feed.

5. Flexible Bag Container with Bag Bowls

It’s a unique kind of bag-type container that is made of 900D Oxford cloth and has a waterproof lining, which can be used to serve both food and water. The large vertical container can serve as storage, and the pitcher-like bags can serve as the serving bowls, blue for medium-sized dogs and green for larger ones.

Cleaning Tips for Containers

As per the CDC website, in the case of wet food, the container should be washed after each use, and in the case of dry food, water should be used once a day.

For stains and weekly cleaning of containers, use soapy water first to wash to remove any dirt and germs residing on the surface.

Next, soak the container in bleach-mixed water (2oZ bleach in one-gallon water) for 10 minutes, and then wash it thoroughly to remove any bleach residue; otherwise, it will hurt your pup’s skin. Let it completely dry before you use it again.

Fact Finding

A few people recommend vinegar as a disinfectant. But it hasn't been proven in the laboratory to kill germs. SO CDC recommends soap or detergent only for removing dirt and disinfecting the containers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selecting the Best Dog Travel Food Container

What are the best types of dog travel food containers?

Sealed foldable food containers and Anti-staining food containers are considered the best.

How do I choose a travel food container for my dog?

It depends on how long you’re traveling, the weather conditions, the flight or land route, and, of course, the size of the dog.

What capacity should I look for in a dog food travel container?

As a rule of thumb, it should contain four times what your dog normally eats at one time.

Are there collapsible food containers for easy storage?

Yes, there are a lot of food containers that are collapsible and are pretty much famous these days.

Can travel food containers keep dog food fresh?

The rule of thumb is to keep the food away from moisture and heat. For this, any container that has the necessary inner sealing, like an anti-staining layer or any other container that’s airtight, is a good fit.

How to clean and maintain dog travel food containers?

For normal wash and rinse, it goes like you do with our dishes. For deep cleaning, you need to soak it in bleach for 5-10 minutes and then wash it again. Repeat this after two weeks or a month.

Are there waterproof or airtight dog food containers for travel?

Yes, there are a lot of waterproof or airtight dog food containers for travel.

What features make a dog food container ideal for road trips?

Before anything, it should be foldable, and secondly, it should be safe enough to keep the dog’s food fresh.

How to pack dog food efficiently for travel?

One of the cheapest methods is to use waterproof dry bags if you don’t have any containers.

Are there eco-friendly dog food travel containers available?

There are a lot of companies that sell eco-friendly containers, which in words means less than 50% carbon emission has been used, and the material used is 100% recyclable.

The Take Away

There are a lot of options in dog food containers for travel purposes. The only thing to consider is to choose the one according to your travel time, dog size, weight, food type, etc.

Which container you like the most for your dog food? Let us know in the comments section below.

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