Under the summer’s scorching heat, when humans bathe twice or thrice a day and choose nothing but a water park for weekend amusement, our furry friends feel the same: believe it or not!

In this regard, the importance of water parks is nothing less than a blessing, for it’s the best recreational source for your dog.

Have you been to any dog water park yet? If not, calm down; we will explore this in detail today so that you are aware of the nitty-gritty of aqua parks for dogs at the end of this blog.

So, fasten your seat belts!

Starting somewhere in the early ’60s, dog water parks have gained immense popularity due to the recreation they provide to the dogs.

Many dogs have been seen to have improved their behaviors after frequent visits to such parks.

Besides providing an excellent environment for dogs, they also offer a nice platform for dog lovers.

All because dog ownership comes with a responsibility. A few minutes-walk in the street nearby isn’t enough to burn your dog’s energy.

So the best solution is to let your dog play off-leash, provided you have control over your dog for no other purpose than to ensure your dog, other dogs, and people’s safety.

But for dogs to play unleash, there must be a dedicated safe place where your dog can run wild, but a pleasant environment for the parents, too, where they can chit chat and relax.

So, that’s how the Unleash dog water parks are gaining popularity, especially in the hot cities of the US, like Phoenix, Las Vegas, Tucson, Miami, etc.

Features of a Dog Water Park

If you wish to take your dog to any dog water park, there’s a quick guide regarding the features you must look for.

The park doesn’t need to have all these facilities entirely, but at least 80-90% of them are OK even.

Fenced-In Area

The first condition is the area to be fenced from all sides to ensure the safety of your dog and you keep track of him. Fenced-in areas should be five feet tall to ensure even the athletic-type dog couldn’t escape it.

Also, there needs to be a double gate where the dogs can go in and out of the park without creating any trouble.

Safety For dogs

Your dog’s safety comes first. For this, you must be allowed to be with your dog anytime – which almost all the excellent dog water parks do.

Good water parks get a kind of test for dogs before unleashing them in the park. They let them come close with other dogs at the entrance and see if they obey their owners.

If the dogs are under control, they are given a green signal.

Fresh Running Water Pool

The fresher the water, the safer it is for the dogs, and stagnant water contains many bacteria that can make them sick.

Basic Amenities

Dog water parks must have safe water stations, cleanup stations, owners’ get-together places, and pet stores for essential dog accessories.

Owners Recreation

Water parks for canines must have a corner for owners to meet up, where owners can talk while their dogs play. The chit-chat can be about their pets, their businesses, or about the happenings in the community.

Guide For First Ever Visit To Dog Water Park

Taking your dog to a pet water park doesn’t need that planning like an air trip.

But still, there are certain things you need to take into consideration.

So, whether you’re a first-time visitor or a regular goer, these tips can add to your knowledge as basics.

1. Preliminary research

Before you decide to go to any water park, do some research such that the place opens separately for large and small dogs; their pool water is as per the community standards for safety, it’s completely fenced, and it has the necessary dog trainers on duty.

2. Your Dog is In your Control

The ‘come’ command is the most important in this regard. If you call him, he must come, and if you forbid him from doing something, he must obey.

Almost all water parks do a temperament screening at the first instant before they let you unleash your dog in the park. Otherwise, if a dog turns a deaf ear to his owner’s call, it means he may turn the fun into mayhem when unleashed.

3. Not Too Young and Vaccinated

As per the vets, your dog must be at least four months old to participate in any social get-together or dog competition. Also, he must be vaccinated to make sure he and other dogs remain safe. Rabies, Parvo, Adenovirus, and Distemper are a few of the ailments your dog must be vaccinated against.

4. Leave Dog’s Food and Toys at Home

Other dogs fetching your dog’s toys or food may create a mess that may go uncontrolled. So, leaving your pet’s toys at home is always advised, as quality dog water parks have everything from fetch balls to dog floats.

5. Be a quick response, But Cool Parent.

Being a quick-response person means taking him out immediately if your dog messes with others and diverting him to something else. But, here, you need to create a balance between your leadership and emotions. It would be best if you weren’t out of control while separating your pooch or blaming other dog owners for their mistakes.

Potential Risks and how to mitigate them

·   Health dangers, like picking any disease from other dogs or site

·   Injuries from other dog attacks or drowning

·   Adopting destructive behaviors of other dogs   

Vaccination is the primary way you can prevent your dogs from catching any disease. Regarding injuries, the better you control your dog, the less your dog is vulnerable to injuries.                                  

Your dog’s fun time at a water park is incomparable. So, if you’re planning to take your dog to a water park, here’s a list of popular Water parks in the US that you may visit without thinking too much.

1. Splash Park by Smoken Dakota Kennels

Splash Park is a complete indoor park with a pool facility. The price is $15 an hour, with humans having free entry. It’s open from 5-8 PM throughout the week, with Monday being the reserved day for small breeds and Tuesday exclusive for private rentals.

2. Love My Dog Resort and Playground

It has two branches in St. Petersburg. Besides providing a waterpark facility, it has dog daycare and boarding. The timing starts at 10 in the morning.

3. PetCoral WaterPark

Located in Cape Coral, the good thing about this park is that, in addition to the general access, it can also be booked for private parties and pool party celebrations for your canine birthday party.

4. Country Kennels Dog Water Park

This water park is available for both boarding guests as well as public and private usage during specific hours. Open swim session, which doesn’t require booking, starts from $20 per dog, with $10 for each additional dog.

5. Canine Cove by Petropolis

Located in St. Louis, this water park has all the fun by having water chasers, foaming, misting, water jets, 6-foot tall water arches, and much more. It runs from May to October, and in Winter, the same vicinity is used as a ball pit.

Jack Russell Terrier running in the water and catching a ball.

FAQs About Water Parks for Dogs in The USA

Are there water parks exclusively for dogs?

The water pools inside the park are exclusively for dogs, but the rest is all for humans and dogs.

How safe are dog water parks?

The water inside the pool is not on a flat surface. Instead, the floor is inclined to keep the water shallow to deep. Also, there are dog trainers that monitor and help improve your dog’s behaviors as well.

What should I bring for my dog to a water park?

You only need to leash your dog before you reach a park. No food or dog toys are necessary.

Can puppies use dog water parks?

Puppies are mostly not allowed entry in most dogs, as the risk of drowning is high.

How much does it cost to enter a dog water park?

It’s as low as $15 with most parks, but it depends on the location and the facilities offered.


Unleashed dog water parks are really fun for dogs and make them take a sigh of relief from the sizzling heat and make them feel energetic for the following weeks. While you go to such a facility for the first time, be sure your pet is vaccinated, is under your voice command, and isn’t aggressive or too shy to be in the water. You need not bring your dog’s food or toy to avoid nasty encounters with other dogs. Last, try not to choose the weekends to avoid crowded places where your dog can’t run wild.

How often do you take your dog to any water park? Let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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