If you pack your backpack before going on vacation, why should your pet lag behind if he’s traveling with you? And while food is the first thing to be out for him, a bowl isn’t imminent, for which your choice would be to be as small as possible. But will it serve him in the easiest way possible? Of course not.

So, what’s the solution? A disposable bowl? Which breaks in the luggage, or the one that can be folded or collapsed. The rational choice is the latter, of course.

So why shouldn’t we discuss the importance of such collapsible bowls that make your and your dog’s lives easier?

Let’s begin, though!

Key Features of Good Collapsible Dog Bowls

While you buy a collapsible dog bowl, make sure it fulfills the following criteria.

collapsible dog bowl

Made Of BPA-free Material

The collapsible bowl should ideally be made from BPA-free material, which you are already accustomed to when you buy your plastic kitchen utensils. Such material isn’t hazardous for living beings as it’s less likely to leech harmful chemicals into your dog’s food or water. The material can also be a denier, which is much more durable and flexible. A denier bag with an inner layer of thin plastic sheet makes it fit for water as well.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable

It works in two ways. On the one hand, it saves the planet from carbon emission, much less than usual, and on the other hand, it protects your pup from harmful toxins because it’s made from 50% plant-based material.

Multipurpose Usage: Food & Water

The collapsible dog bowl normally serves both purposes. But it’s better to check before buying. Because sometimes the collapsible part has negligible spaces that can hold food but not water. If you’re buying online, make sure the product description mentions this fact.

Durable and Easy To Clean

A funnel-shaped collapsible bowl, which is the most famous one, is always easy to clean as it’s one piece in total. Talking about durability, the silicon itself is strong unless someone intentionally tears it apart.

collapsible bowl

How do you choose the right-sized bowl for your dog?

Here are some tips for choosing what Size of collapsible bowl fits your dog

1.Your dog’s Size

For larger dogs like German Shepherds and Dogo Argentino, for example, bowls with an average diameter of 8.5″ are recommended; otherwise, the food will come out while he eats.

For smaller and medium-sized dogs, 5.5″ and 6.5″ diameter dog bowls, respectively.

2.Your dog’s Muzzle

Dogs with long snouts, like German Shepherds, husky, and similar dogs, need a deeper bowl to eat or drink easily. On the other hand, short or flat-snout dogs like bulldogs, terriers, pugs, Boxers, etc., need a shallow but wide bowl to eat easily without getting their noses dipped.

How Collapsible Bowls Can Be Useful On Different Occasions

So far, you’ve got an idea of what collapsible dog bowls are and their purchase; it’s time you learn how to use them on different occasions.


Before going on hiking with your dog, make sure the place allows dogs. While you go on a hike, the dog’s bowl should be kept in the outside pockets, while his food should be kept inside your bag. When you feel your dog is thirsty or hungry, give the food only at that time to keep a backup because you never know how far you will go from where a return makes a handsome trip. Always place the collapsible bowl on a flat surface; otherwise, you’ll end up adding more food for him.

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A camping night is more wonderful than any other fun outside. While you do the bar-be-cue, your dog needs to have some food as well. So here’s where your collapsible bowl will help. Just unfold it, add water or whatever food you have for him, and let him enjoy it as well.

Daily Walks

Your dogs need daily exercise or runs. Why? Because their body structure requires such effort. This is the reason the apartment dogs whose owners don’t get them to regular walks get sick quickly and are more prone to separation anxiety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Choosing and Using Collapsible Dog Bowls

What are the benefits of using a collapsible dog bowl?

They are ideal for travel, daily outings, and hiking, for they collapse and fold flat, taking as little space as possible.

How do I choose the right Size collapsible bowl for my dog?

For breeders up to Beagle, a small size will work. For breeders larger than this, you may choose a large Size.

Are collapsible dog bowls durable and long-lasting?

If the material they are made up of is high-quality silicone, they will be durable and long-lasting.

Can collapsible dog bowls be used for both food and water?

Yes, every collapsible dog bowl is fit for both water and food usage.

How do I clean and maintain a collapsible dog bowl?

Regular cleaning can be done with warm water and a dishwasher, making sure you don’t use the same sponge, detergent, and sink for this. After every fortnight, soak it in bleach for 5-10 minutes, wash it, and dry it. It will help remove any water residual and other marks.

What materials are collapsible dog bowls typically made from?

All collapsible dog bowls are made of silicon and canvas. The material can either be a mixture of just one of them.

Are there eco-friendly options for collapsible dog bowls?

Of course, a lot of companies sell collapsible dog bowls that are made from eco-friendly material, which, during the manufacturing process, has less carbon emission and is 100% recyclable.

How compact are collapsible dog bowls when not in use?

It’s as thin as your plate. Like 1.5 inches thick and 6-8 inches wide.

Can collapsible dog bowls withstand hot and cold temperatures?

Yes, these collapsible bowls can withstand hot and cold temperatures. They are even dishwasher-safe as well, but they aren’t recommended to wash with your utensil.

What are some top-rated collapsible dog bowls on the market?

The most popular and top-rated bowls are funnel-shaped bowls that, when opened, have a fabric hook on one side for hanging.


The collapsible dog bowl is a wonderful and must-have thing for your dog. It’s not only his camping and other occasional outdoor activity partner but is helpful in daily walks as well. While you purchase, make sure it’s made of BPA-free material and fits your dog’s muzzle type and overall Size.

Which collapsible dog bowl do you own? Share with us your experience with that bowl in the comments section below.

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