Everyone who owns a dog sees their furry friend as a family member, meaning they cherish all the time they spend with them. This is why more people rent or own RV’s and decide to hit the road with their pets, which allows them to explore the outdoors at their own pace and avoid the annoyances of flying together.

The following article will introduce you to everything you need to know about renting the best RV’s for pets and choosing the perfect campground for a safe and unforgettable journey.

Why Choose Pet-Friendly RV Rentals

With using RVs, traveling with your four-legged companion has never been easier and allows you to make more lasting memories.

Firstly, your furry friend has room to move about and options for potty breaks whenever required. They can keep you company while driving down the highway or join you on strolls and other activities. The most essential feature of an RV is that it provides a friendly space in an unknown area.

If you choose to make RV rentals, you will also have more flexibility in your route planning. You can make unscheduled stops whenever you feel your pet needs them. Moreover, since some rentals allow multiple pets, you don’t have to choose between bringing your dog or cat – they can both join you!

While RV vacations with pets require extra preparation, these pet-friendly RV rentals make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Tips for Traveling with Pets in an RV

Traveling with pets in an RV rental requires additional preparation to ensure a fun, safe trip. 

Following these tips will ensure an unforgettable road trip adventure with your best friend by your side! If you take proper precautions, renting an RV will be one of the best ways to travel and explore new destinations with your loving pet.

Here are some tips for RVing with dogs:

Bring Food, Water, and Supplies: The essential things to bring for your pet are its bowls, bedding, leashes, toys, litter box, and, of course, food, as well as any medications your furry friend may need. Also, remember to bring waste bags! Your pet will feel at home in the RV with its familiar items.

Bring Medical Records and ID: Ensure your pet’s ID tag has your present contact details. If you plan on crossing the state border, don’t forget to bring vaccination records.

Ensure Safety:

  • When outside, remember to use a harness and leash, and never leave your pet unaccompanied.
  • Keep it away from moving vehicles and machinery.
  • Use protective pads for food bowls to avoid slipping.

Do Trial Run: If your pet has never traveled in an RV before, do a trial run before emerging on a trip. Take them on short trips to familiarize them with the sounds, movement, and living in close accommodations.

Familiarize with Pet Rules: Check the specific rules for any campgrounds and attractions you plan to visit. These include size restrictions, designated relief areas, and leash laws.

Finding Pet-Friendly RV Rentals

Several large, national RV rental chains, such as Cruise America, Escape Campervans, Road Bear RV, and El Monte RV, allow pets for an additional fee. You can call them or visit their websites to inquire about their policies. Finding smaller, independent companies that may waive pet fees and be more flexible about pets is also possible.

Several online rental platforms allow RV owners to rent their personal vehicles, including RV Share, Outdoorsy, and RV Trader.

Often, listing details mention “pet friendly” or “dog friendly” or show pictures of pets enjoying the home. Inquire about pet fees and restrictions directly with the owners. Besides, the owners may be willing to negotiate for short trips or last-minute rentals.

For the best selection, follow these steps:

  1. Plan your trip at least 6-8 weeks in advance.
  2. Let the rental company know immediately that you’ll be bringing your furry family member.
  3. Ask about size, breed, and other possible restrictions to ensure your pet is allowed.
  4. Check with campgrounds and dog-friendly RV parks along your itinerary to see if they allow pets.

Best RVs for Pets

The most suitable RVs for journeying with pets are designed with their needs in mind. For this reason, you should look for models with several features in mind, the first being plenty of space.

Choose a larger RV with more room for your pet to move around, which will surely make it happier. You should also have enough space to set up its bed, crate, food, water bowls, or litter box.

Moreover, the RV should have durable surfaces, such as laminate, linoleum, or vinyl, that can withstand scratching and the overall mess that pets make.

An RV should also have proper ventilation by featuring roof wents, windows that can be opened, and screened doors. This will ensure your pets do not overheat.

Lastly, you must provide easy access by having a ramp, lift, or door directly to the living area. Getting pets in and out of RVs with only a ladder for entry can be challenging.

Pet-Friendly Destinations and Campgrounds

If you decide to go on an RV adventure with your pet, you’ll be glad to know that many campgrounds and RV parks welcome furry companions with open arms. Some of the most popular pet-friendly spots include national parks, campgrounds, and even wineries.

A significant number of US national parks allow pets on trails and campgrounds. Some of the best for pets include the Grand Canyon, Great Sand Dunes, and Shenandoah National Park. There may be some restrictions or fees, so check the park’s official website for details before you go.

two dogs stands in the mountains on bay and looks at the river. Nova Scotia duck retriever and Jack Russell Terrier in nature, on a journey. Hiking with a pet

Regarding some popular campgrounds, you can visit Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground in Florida, Riverside Campground & Cabins in California, or Under Canvas Yellowstone in West Yellowstone, Montana, among others.

Lastly, if you are a fan of wines, many wineries across the US allow pets, especially if you stay overnight in an RV. Popular pet-friendly wine regions include Willamette Valley in Oregon and Finger Lakes in New York.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Pet-Friendly RV Rentals:

Are there extra fees for bringing pets in an RV rental?

Although many RV rental companies and owners allow pets for no additional fee, some might charge higher pet deposits or extra pet fees.

How can I keep my pet safe during RV travel?

Firstly, give your pet time to get used to the sounds and sensations before going on the road. Store any hazardous elements that your pet can chew or hurt itself away in secure cabinets, and lastly, ensure your furry companion is always wearing a collar with ID tags in case it gets lost, and don’t leave them unrestrained while the RV is moving.


This is everything you need to know before renting an RV and planning a memorable trip with your best furry friend. Always research and do a trial run before packing the essentials and choosing a perfect destination where your dog will be welcomed and happy.

If you haven’t already, you should go on this kind of adventure to strengthen your bond with your pet. Make sure you share your RV experiences and give us some extra tips in the comments.

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