The reason we prefer expensive cars and luxury hotels is that we are looking for comfort at the end of the day. And if our furry friends travel with us as well, they have the right to enjoy the comfort as well.

For this reason, they need some comfortable place to sit in the car, in hotels, and during outdoor activities.

Today, we’re going to discuss such travel dog beds that you can carry with you anywhere when you travel with him. So keep reading, as at the end of this blog, you may get your desired dog bed.

Let’s begin!

Importance of a Good Travel Dog Bed

A dog travel bed is a must-have thing for those who frequently travel with their pets. It’s not a luxury for your dog but a basic necessity. Otherwise, you’ll see your dog lying on mud, sand, and other places that these house pets are not accustomed to.

So, first, these beds provide them with a home-like feeling outside. The more they are comfortable, the more chances you will be able to enjoy your picnic or hiking without disturbance.

Secondly, during car travel, unnecessary jumps and turbulence in the car pose safety hazards for your pet, who doesn’t know how to react and what to grab to minimize the impact. So, the dog bed makes your dog safe.

From a dog bed’s point of view, it supports joints and prevents diseases like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint issues.

When you travel to another city or country, your dog won’t, of course, sleep with you in bed. And that 12-18 hours a day of mandatory sleep can only be had if he’s in a comfy bed.

Also, to avoid the mess created by his shedding dog bed is the best choice, too.

Dog on a travel mat
Dog on a travel mat

Key Features to Consider While Buying a Travel Dog Bed

The key factors to consider are multiple. It depends on where you are traveling to, for how much time, and what your mode of travel is.

Let’s take a scenario that you’re flying from Los Angeles to California. So, for the flight, you need to have a dog bed that’s small enough to fit under the seat.

On the other hand, if you’re going for a hiking or bonfire picnic party, you need to have a bigger, thicker, and covered travel dog bed in order to provide him the maximum comfort.

Now, there are other factors that apply to both travel dog beds and normal beds. Let’s take a glance over these:

  • Comfort: Try to prefer the one that provides maximum comfort and contains a waterproof sheet embedded.
  • Weight: It should be lightweight and easy to handle and carry.
  • Size: The size should be such that your dog can fit in easily, provided the size doesn’t bar you from air travel if you wish to travel by air.
  • Ease Of Cleaning: Ideally, it should have removable covers, which can be removed and washed. But those with polycotton canvas material are good, too, provided they are easy to clean.
  • Durability: This is an obvious factor while buying anything. Of course, it directylrealtes to how much money you spend. If you’re tight on a budget, you’ll get a slightly less durable dog bed, and vice-versa.

Cleaning Of Dog Beds

Dog beds need to be cleaned regularly, but they shouldn’t be washed too often. Because it’s a micro-fiber-filled bed, it will lose its strength and flexibility much earlier.

Similarly, for the ones with foam sheets inside, it’s better to use a cover over them. The waterproof cover is fit for washing, but there’s a risk of going after inside, making it fluffy. So, it’s recommended to clean it with a wet cloth.

For those made of canvas and polycotton, the removable covers are the best protection, but if they’re too dirty, you may wash them with detergent without squeezing or putting any pressure while wet.

Cropped photo of a young blonde girl resting while sitting with her dog on the couch and using the modern cell phone

Travel Considerations

If your dog is small and is traveling with you for longer hours, it’s recommended to put his bed inside his crate or kennel, making sure safety and comfort come hand in hand.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Options

Being a responsible citizen, try to prefer the one with the eco-friendly tag on it, which, in other words, means less than 50% of the usual carbon has been emitted during its manufacturing, and it’s 100% recyclable.

The Bottom Line

The dog bed should lie in your car’s truck all the time. It’s not a luxury but a necessity. While you buy one, consider the material, comfort level, size of your dog’s kennel, and travel considerations.

Which dog bed has proven to be the best for your pet? Let us know in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best travel dog beds available?

The best is anything that suits your dog and travels the best. However, there are a lot of travel beds available, like portable foldable waterproof dog beds, pet tents, large dog cabin beds, dog bed seats, etc.

How do I choose a portable bed for my dog?

The choice criteria depend upon your travel duration, travel mode, and where you are traveling. The factors you consider include comfort, stability, ease of installation, washability, and durability.

What features are important in a travel dog bed?

It should be comfortable, made from medically approved material, durable, nicely padded, and easily packable and portable.

Are there dog beds designed specifically for car travel?

Yes, Pet Car Seats are specifically designed for dogs for long-distance travel. They are lightweight, plushable sofas that can easily be placed over your car seat.

How can I ensure my dog’s comfort in a travel bed?

Make sure the dog has inches of space around the bed after he sits on it. A bed that is too small or tight can make him uncomfortable during the journey. Make him pee before the travel starts. Try to spread a thin sheet from home, the smell of which can make him feel at home.

Are travel dog beds durable and easy to clean?

Yes, those made with canvas or filled with microfiber are always durable because they take years to compress. On the other hand, leather and acrylic fiber-made travel dog beds are durable, too, for they are easy to clean.

Can travel dog beds withstand outdoor conditions?

 Not all dog beds can withstand the sunlight, precipitation, or humidity outdoors. But there are some materials like dura foams that, if they get dirty, can easily be washed.

How compact are travel dog beds when not in use?

It depends upon the size you have and their ability to get folded. If it’s simple, the foam-made, polyester, or microfiber-filled, it can easily be folded into an on-cabin size bag.

What materials are ideal for a dog travel bed?

Cotton canvas material is considered better when it comes to comfort, with teh condition that it should be hard enough to withstand scratching, biting, or easy cleaning of mud stains.

How do I care for and maintain a travel dog bed?

Just fold it, when not in use, avoid putting it outdoors unnecessarily. When not in use for a long period of time, cover it with a polythene sheet.


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